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6 month old Irish Black heifer calves.
6 month old bull calves

Irish Black Cattle

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In the spring of 2009 we bought a small herd of "mutt cows" (aka our "science project".)   At that same time, we were introduced to Irish Blacks for the first time.  We purchased an Irish Black bull for our cow herd. As cattle producers we were looking for a way that we could work with what we had and make it better.  The results were unbelievable.  We were sold!! After more research, prayer & head scratching we added a pure bred herd of Irish Blacks to our operation, in order to sell bulls for commercial herds.  Please view our commercial herd page to see the pictures!  You'll be amazed!

Now into our fourth year of running cows we believe that Irish Blacks are a cowman's dream come true!  Everything that has been written, said and experienced in regards to "IB's" is true. From calving ease, weaning weights, motherability,  to carcass quality, and rate of gain, calving ease, it was all true. Our percentage calves have far exceeded our expectations.  The neighbors who saw our science experiment cow herd immediately started asking if we had bull calves for sale.

We believe in keeping things simple and figure that photo's are worth more than words. To really appreciate what an Irish Black bull can do for your herd, check our our commercial cow herd photos. One might say that this was our "science project".  This was a cull herd that was nothing more than someone else's culls. Most of the cows had at least three brands on them, several had five.
Our bulls have been raised at 7000' and are ready to go to work!
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