All of these calves are from the "Science Project Cows"!

Irish Black Traits

Here is a list of some of the benefits to using Irish Black bulls for the commercial producer - 


  • Genetic Purity - Maintained through a closed herd book!  The gene pool is small reducing chances of undesirable throwback traits that come from crossbreeding.  Genetic purity produces consistent, predictable results.  Consistency in the calf crop 
  • Longevity  - Able to use bulls for years to come. 
  • Penis doesn’t hang down and drag. 
  • Fertility - Large scrotal measurements. We put one bull on 75+ cows. Only three cows (they were all gummers) came in open in the fall and 95% calving was still within 40 days. 
  • Brisket - Our bulls have been raised at 7000'. Currently, there are several ranchers using Irish Black bulls at 10,000-12,000' with no problems!
  • Calving Ease
  • Hybrid vigor in the calves. They want to get going and start nursing 
  • Bulls are easy on cows & heifers
  • Low Birth weights

-Excellent Replacement Heifers-

  • Early maturing (We had one 1/2 IB replacement heifer calve at 14 months, she calved fine and on her own she is now on her second calf.)
  • Improved predictability 
  • Udder Quality & smaller teats 
  • Higher milk production 
  • Excellent mothering traits 
  • Shorter gestation - 277 days on average. 
  • Moderate frame - Cheaper to maintain than a larger framed cow 
  • Large Pelvis 

-Calves -

This is were it really counts!

  • Carcass Quality  Low Back Fat, High Marbeling
  • Tenderness 
  • Large rib eyes 
  • High feed conversion
  • Uniformity  in the calves. They have been referred to a “Cookie cutter” calves, in that they all look alike.
  • Black hides - Maybe an occasional red  
  • Finish early - our 1/2 IBs are ready to slaughter at 14 mos.
  • Pass these traits along to commercial herd.  Your herd can be totally changed in one generation. 

Irish Black Herd Bull

Irish Black Cows & calves
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